My Serendipitious List

Wow, I feel very vulnerable sharing this, however, for the first time in my life I am making a list of all of the unexplainable occurances and missed opportunities that have happened to me up until my 28th birthday (this past October). Without further ado, here it is:

  1. I was 2 or 3 years old, finished with breakfast and was super excited to leave the restaurant. I ran across the street and was almost hit by a car, if it were not for my mother grabbing me at the last possible second, sparing my life. I remember my mom said it was a miracle because she is not sure how she got me into her arms in time.
  2. Was having a picnic with my family at the park when I was 8 or 9 years-old (very far away from the baseball field) when out of the sky a baseball hit me in the nose). What are the odds that this would happen? Why me. Not exactly a miracle, but it was very random and very unexpected

3. I remember i was 9 and my mom and my brother and I were at the grocery store and of all people, my best friend from first grade was in line with her parents. so random.

4. I remember when I was 10, there was a homeless family that I saw around town in Orange County and year later when I was 11, I saw them again in San Diego when my mom and I moved there. what are the odds?

5. I remember i was friends with this guy in 4th grade, but because people asked me if i liked him, i stopped being friends with him. what would have happened if i had not cared? Maybe we would still be friends? hmm…

5. I remember being in 6th grade and seeing many of my old private school elementary friends at my new public school. Funny enough, this one guy i had a crush on in third grade competed against me for vice president in middle school (ironically he ran for president in third grade with my brother as vice president). I remember he came to me on the playground and asked, so you like me huh? I said, not anymore and he said, well good. In retrospect, it seems defensive. maybe he liked me too? lol i should have had more boldness and said, yes, i do.

6. I remember i was friend with this guy in 7th grade and people asked me if i liked him. i did not like this so i made it clear i only saw him as a friend, but he accused me of liking him, which i did not, but i got super mad that he distrusted me and I never spoke to him again.

7. In high school, I had a crush on someone who had a crush on me and  did not know it until much later, when he did not like me anymore. lol so glad that did not happen.

8. In college, i had a crush on someone that liked me back, but again, did not know it until they had moved onto someone else.

9. My friend, Danielle had mentioned she would set me up with this guy she thought would make a great match. I forgot about it and one night, some friends and i went to the improv. I got there and my friend, Danielle said hi and said there was someone she would like me to meet. Upon meeting, it was mutual. We instantly were hooked. I mentioned i was going to be going to karaoke the next day and he should come. He did, the rest was history, we dated  for a year. We have coincidently crossed paths randomly every few years.

10. I met this guy online who was not a match, however we remained friends and from time to time i would see his friends on his news feed. I was on okcupid at the time and i came across a man that looked familiar. I messaged him and said i think we have a mutual friends. turns out we did and we dated for a few months.

11. I auditioned for a show and did not get in. i was bummed. after working on a show, my friend told me she overheard why i did not get cast. turns out, i missed one rehearsal when i was sick for another show a year back. the directors were brothers and did not trust me to be in a role, since i missed a rehearsal without advanced notice. bummer, such a small world!

12. I met this man dancing. we clicked and connected over a book and  an affinity for zelda. 2 weeks later he approached me saying he was hoping to run into me again. we clicked and talked. had a moment of contention when i told him i was spiritual. ackward silence because he was not. the next week i approached him and said hi, but he seemed reserved and i forgot what i was going to say and i walked away. he thought it was cute and he asked me for my number. we dated for 4 months exclusively.

13. I was feeling vulnerable and scared and took a chance coming to a afterparty pizookie run at BJs after dennys. I saw my crush there and panicked, but instead of running away, which i really wanted to do, i stayed. when i got to the table, i saw my crush and two others there. we ended up talking and i confessed i liked him more than a friend. we dated for a month, which ended over my irrational fears. bottom line, though, i took a risk and it paid off. chance created an opportunity.

14. I met this guy at a dance place a few years ago. I ran into him on the opposite side of the county in a music theory class. we took a semester together, however i was self-conscious and kept my distance. a year later we ran into each other at my church at the time and we ended up chatting for a couple hours. we went on a date, however for reasons of me coming across as desperate, it did not work out. i always thought it was odd, we kept running into each other though.

15. I missed my flight to Boston. I was panicked and i spoke to the flight attendant who  said i would have to be on standby. I said a fervent prayer and asked God for a miracle and prayed nonstop until they called my name. I stood in line and heard from the lady at the front counter that i would not arrive into Boston until the next day around noon. I was so sad because i was supposed to compete early in the morning and because of the timing, I would miss it. A lady in line overheard me saying, is there any way i can make it there sooner. She replied that i could request an unscheduled stop in providence. I asked the stewardess if this was true. She said it was possible. I was so overjoyed.

It gets better. I find my seat, which is next to an older gentleman. We end of talking and he mentions how him and his family just got back from a 3-month medical missions trip overseas. Fortunately for me, he was very friendly and inquisitive. We spoke and he ended up offering for me to stay with his family, since it was so late that all shuttles were gone. He had pre-booked a shuttle for his large family (we are talking 20sh extended family members). He basically adopted me into his family and let me stay the whole weekend, as well as offered me a ride to my competition, which I was so appreciative of. He let me use his charlie card the whole weekend, cooked for me, as if i was one of his daughters. I was so touched that this stranger treated me as a honored guest. That weekend in Boston is one I will never forget. Providence brought me to providence to meet this man and his family and thew whole experience showed me the sheer power of miracles.

16.I went dancing at this spot regularly and almost everytime, I went I would see this older gentleman who was so friendly and fun to interact with. I invited him to dance and that was the beginning of a powerful friendship. To this day, he is my biggest cheerleader, supporter, and friend. He is like a father to me and he means the world to me. We have been friends for four years.

17.I saw this man I had my eye on throughout the night, but for some reason i could never get close because other people blocked my path. as if he universe did not want us to meet yet. the next week, i channeled a higher frequency through affirmations and power walking. I came back in the room and we somehow came together without effort. The same thing happened the following week when i came back in the room and he approached me and we clicked. 2 weeks later i ran into him in San Diego event. We had a magical weekend together. had an amazing all-day date that made the hours pass by like minutes. Magic. A month later, we began dating officially. We dated for 1 year exclusively and still date once a week, however non-exclusively. I hope to raise my vibration indefinitely to keep him in my life  in a way that serves us both. Universe willing. I love him very much unconditionally.

18.My friend, Bobbi, who I met through my first boyfriend, sent me a facebook message telling me there was an job posting seeking a female singer in orange county. I contacted the lady and auditioned for her, only to be turned away for inexperience. A week later, she contacted me back and decided she loved my energy and would teach me to improve. Now she is my music teacher and one of my greatest supporters and friends. Chance!

19. Running into Christi at my music teacher’s recital in the audience. We had not seen each other in seven years. last words she said to me were **** me. I felt a bit anxious seeing her. Upon reuniting, i realized she was different, nicer than she used to be. i am so glad we ran into each other. we used to be best friends.

There probably are more, however these stand out the most. Share some below or respond if you had similar occurances. It really is exciting thing to celebrate these miracle moments.




Getting Out of the Low State


In order for magnificent things to happen, we must shift our negative thoughts or low state to a higher state of gratefulness and openness. Most importantly, we must have faith that having what we need and desire is possible for us with the appropriate goal-specific actions over time. Consistency is key, which is where daily practice of meditation or yoga or helping others comes in. Of the three, I have found helping others to be the most helpful. Not an ex or mom, but reaching out to help someone who is not close to you and who needs your help. I find immense joy results out of altruistic acts. It is almost easy to help those we care about, however it is another thing entirely to reach out and lift up a stranger who may never offer you anything in return. Through volunteering, my comfort zone has been stretched and I do get joy from seeing other people’s lives be improved by my small contribution. It really is magic to take part in the entire experience. Try it. See how it brings you out of that low funk you have gotten yourself into through one pity party too many.

I think Meditation and Yoga get a bad rep. from the non-spiritual types. It is too woo woo, boring, does nothing for people, however it is my opinion that believing something often can manipulate what kind of results you get. For example, if I were to believe yoga had zero value, I would probably half ass yoga or not go at all and wish for it to be over as soon as possible. However, if I gave it a chance and asked myself, what can I learn from this about myself and life in general, maybe the experience would be entirely different. This is my point exactly. Remaining open and seeing the opportunity to grow through something outside your comfort zone or unfamiliar, you expand your ability to experience joy in the seemingly mundane.

Something to think about. Until we meet again, I have provided some ideas for volunteering to get your and someone else out of that funk.